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Enabling the Circular Economy with Digital Product Passports

DIgital product passport

What is a decentralized Digital Product Passport?

A Digital Product Passport is a digital representation of a physical product, such as a battery. Spherity's concept has the following characteristics

Easy to integrate

Our digital solution enables your compliance.


Certified according to SAP Certified Cloud Solution standards.


Communication between supply chain actors and supply chain management systems.


The technology is based on W3C Standards. Using W3C Decentralised Identifiers the Digital Product Passport is globally unique.

Boost your compliance with regulatory requirements introduced by the New EU Battery Regulation

The goal is to increase trustworthy, verifiable information about batteries, textiles, building and electronics; its reuse, its content, and the recycling process. Companies operating in the EU-wide manufacturing and trade industry will need to comply with the regulations and will be required to implement a digital product passport.

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