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By diving deep into this duality of the physical and digital world, humanity is at the stage of significant new enlightenment and total change. Learn how to see and realize that everything is connected with everything else.

Carsten Stöcker, CEO & Co-Founder

Credentialing the world

Spherity builds decentralized identity management solutions to power the 4th industrial revolution, bringing cutting-edge identity management to enterprises, machines, and other non-human entities.

Our digital solutions address regulatory compliance requirements in various industries. They are designed to be automated, instant, and secure.

We participate in key standards-setting processes and interact with developer, industry, and research communities to enable compliance and interoperability in increasingly complex technological and regulatory landscapes.

An SAP accelerator alumnus

Spherity participated in a tremendous 12-week accelerator program of the Foundry Berlin. The accelerator program enabled us to develop a lot of trusted relationships with people from across SAP. We developed a deep understanding of how SAP works and how our solution could be integrated in the best way.

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FinTech Germany Award 2020

In 2020 Spherity was awarded the 2nd place of the FinTech Germany Award 2020 — the most important FinTech award in German-speaking countries. Our identity and data provenance solution convinced with its ability to streamline and digitize compliance processes.

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Do you share our belief that a new approach is needed to how we think about identity for a secure and fair new digital economy? If you love working on challenging projects with outstanding people, we want to hear from you.

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Our standards

Spherity meets both SAP Certified Cloud Solution standards and ISO 27001 information security standards.

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