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The concept

Trust Triangle

The Trust Triangle, which is entirely composed of the three roles of issuer, holder, and verifier as well as a governance framework outlining the requirements for ecosystem membership, serves as the central pillar of a trust ecosystem.


Issues verifiable credentials based on the specific use case to a holder. Usually, assert claims about an enterprise or product and is a trusted party in its ecosystem, e.g. a government authority.


Holds his verifiable credentials, controls them, and shows them on request. Usually bound to an enterprise, object, or individuals.


Requests presentations of verifiable credentials and verifies them cryptographically to assure that data has not been tampered with. Uses data to support its business processes. Usually bound to enterprises or individuals.

Trust Framework

Defines the guiding principles and governance applied in an ecosystem, sets the rules to be fulfilled to join the ecosystem, (e.g. to be an issuer) and sets technical standards to follow.

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Build a trusted ecosystem with us at every step

Explore the possibilities of decentralized identity for your ecosystem

Let´s jointly develop use cases and business process journeys. Understand the potentials of digital identity technology. We support you building an impactful ecosystem.

Build your MVP or field test using decentralized identity

We can easily set-up a MVP or field test with you. Use our ready-built identity wallet technology to easily test your use case and integrate with your existing IT systems.

Define the standards, architecture and trust framework

Ready to detail the trust ecosystem on technical level? We support you detailing architecture handbooks, technical specification or conformance criteria.

Get prepared for production

Close to production? Integrate securely with our APIs with any existing IT systems. We support you with production grade identity wallet cloud service.

Our Technology

Decentralised Identifiers

Unique, permanent, discoverable and verifiable decentralized identifier can serve as a lifetime address.

Verifiable Credentials

Secure storage of verifiable data, that are cryptographically secure, privacy-respecting, and machine-readable.

Access Management

Configuration service for access control and privacy of data with role based access management (RBAC) & attribute based access management (ABAC)

Implementation partners of

We build Gaia-X compatible Organisational Credential Manager (OCM) and Personal Credential Manager (PCM) for your data space projects.

Gaia-X Federation Services