Enterprise Identity Wallet

An efficient way to acquire, issue, or verify digitized company certifications that are needed for your supply chain. Our wallet is built to comply with international standards, allowing for supplier onboarding or company conformity checks at the click of a button.

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Key identity & certificate providers

bundesanzeiger verlag

What's The Deal?

Our Wallet in action

If you lack a system capable of technically validating your company certificates or a digital wallet to manage your business credentials, we are here to help. Our Wallet facilitates streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and significant cost savings for various business processes that involve data exchange with your external partners.

Spherity's Enterprise Identity Wallet user interface

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Access trusted data sources

Experience the strength of our global network and optimize your operations with ease.

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Our solution makes it effortless to access data directly from the authentic source. As the operator of various registers like the Business Register, Transparency Register, and LEI Register, Bundesanzeiger Verlag offers an extensive database of company certifications.


  • Company Identity & Trade Register Extract
  • LEI Credentials for 80+ Countries
  • Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) and Roles (or Legal Representatives)
  • Annual Account Certificate
  • Conformity with Non-Financial Reporting Directive, and more!
Spherity's trusted data sources list

RCS Global is the leader in data-driven ESG performance, responsible sourcing, and responsible mining assurance. With our wallet technology, you can digitally request, hold or verify company credentials they issue in the area of:


  • Digital Battery Passports
  • Green House Gas Emission Report
  • OECD Aligned Supply Chain Due Diligence
  • Human Rights
  • Traceability
Spherity's trusted data sources list

Legisym is a US-based issuer that provides the Pharmaceutical Industry with affordable and effective regulatory compliance services and solutions. To comply with the US Drug Chain Security Act (DSCSA), we provide the following two certifications to actors on the US pharma supply chain in a joint service offering


  • Identity Credentials
  • Authorized Trading Partner Credentials

“Our partnership with Spherity brings a practical approach to KYC compliance. Their credentialing solution integrates seamlessly with Bundesanzeiger Verlag's primary source data, offering banks a significant reduction of operational costs and a reliable way to meet regulatory requirements.”

Dennis Hannemann


Head of Regulatory Strategy & Outsourcing, Bundesanzeiger Verlag

Use Cases

Improve the reliability of your business processes with our Wallet

Our solutions support a wealth of applications that streamline business processes and facilitate compliance.

Digital Product Passport (DPP) and Certificates of Origin
Assess the origin, authenticity, life-cycle use, and assessments of your products throughout the supply chain.
KYC (Know Your Customer) Credentialing
Transforming KYC with automated data retrieval from trusted sources, our solution minimizes costs and maximizes compliance for financial institutions.
Supplier and customer onboarding
Speed up the onboarding process with direct access to verified company data. 
Share verifiable company data
Establish trustworthiness for corporate data you share or receive in your partner ecosystem. 
Sustainable finance and supply chain compliance
Facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements e.g. Supply Chain Sourcing Act, Eco-design for Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR). 
Build data space ecosystems
Leverage our solutions to enter ecosystems such as Gaia-X to exchange secure and verified data.

Integrate with your ecosystems


Our Offering

Build a trusted ecosystem with us

Our Wallet service provides verifiable credentials that support different DID methods and various credential formats, which ensures flexibility and interoperability for your ecosystems.

Explore the possibilities of decentralized identity

Develop use cases, business process journeys, and understand the potential of digital identity technology.

Build your MVP or field test using decentralized identity

Easily set up an MVP or field test, such as a supplier onboarding trial.

Define the standards, architecture, and trust framework

Ready to detail the trust ecosystem on a technical level? We support you in detailing architecture handbooks, technical specifications, and conformance criteria.

Get prapared for production

Close to production? Integrate securely with our APIs with any existing systems.

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